Thank you for your interest in my photos for use as computer desktop wallpaper. The minimal $0.99 fee collected for each download helps me to keep the site running and continuing to share our world one frame at a time.

Please select the image of your choice before selecting the “Add to Cart” button. To preserve the image aspect ratio and prevent cropping, each image has been resized to the width specified. As a result, some “banding” (bars at top/bottom of screen) may occur. If you prefer “full coverage”, most computer desktop wallpaper applications will allow you to “stretch” the image to occupy the entire screen with minimal distortion.

If you are interested in another Portfolio image that does not appear here, please use the Contact page to submit your special request.

*Note: These images are intended for desktop wallpaper only and as such are available with "screen quality" clarity and will retain the watermark. If you are interested in watermark-free Fine Art Prints of these images, please visit the Prints gallery.
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